Rosh Chodesh - Hevreh
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Cooking with Julie Gale


Rosh Chodesh will be having a very special event on Sunday January 14 at noon at the home and kitchen of Julie Gale, our wonderful gourmet chef and teacher. Many of us really enjoyed her Challah making workshop at the womens’ retreat. We will be preparing a brunch menu of red pepper and zucchini frittata, ginger lemon scones and chocolate babka. The cost for this cooking adventure is $45 per person, and yes, we will eat together and enjoy the products of our labors! There will also be a short program. There are already several signed up and space is limited, so if you are interested please email Julie at

Purim Learning with Rabbi Gordon


In February, Rosh Chodesh will meet on Tuesday February 13 at 7pm at the home of Holly Steinberg in Alford. Rabbi Gordon will lead a program on Esther and Vashti: Feminine Archetypes of Purim. Was Vashti a villainess, or simply misunderstood? Does Esther deserve all the applause? Come explore the Purim story as you’ve never heard it before. This will be a “snacks only” event and will be open to both Rosh Chodesh groups — it will be lovely to get to know each other!! Please RSVP to Holly to let her know that you are coming at