Hevreh of Southern Berkshire is closed and will reassess opening on two-week intervals. Check the HEVREH BLOG and HEVREH’S FACEBOOK PAGE for daily updates to connect. We wish good health to all and look forward to being back with our Hevreh soon.

A Cup of Joe with #VirtualHevreh - Hevreh
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A Cup of Joe with #VirtualHevreh

This morning many congregants–some stationed in the Berkshires, some in the New York area, and others in Florida–came together to share a cup of coffee, and to share about how they are doing in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are finding all sorts of great ways to create community with #VirtualHevreh. Be sure to check back here with frequency to see different ways you can plug.

On another note, for an uplifting viewpoint on what we are all experiencing, check out this article from the Atlantic. It describes our staying home in the spirit of communal, civil impact for good.

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